10 Common Traits Used To Identify Junk and End-of-life Vehicles

10 Common Traits Used To Identify Junk and End-of-life Vehicles

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But sometimes, it’s difficult for car owners to judge their unwanted vehicles impartially. Many times car owners contact us and ask for a high price for their vehicles, which is not worth that much. That’s why we have created this guide that will help you identify if your vehicle is junk or not. And guide you with the best way to get the most Cash For Cars Brisbane.


Here are 10 common characteristics of a junk car


1-They are old

Cars that are considered vintage are still quite in demand, and they never go out of fashion. But if you are carrying around a decade-old car without maintaining it, this can make your vehicle eligible for the title of a junk car. 

2-They are damaged

A big giveaway of end-of-life vehicles or junk car is the extent of damage it has. Minor damage such as scratches, scrapes, dents don’t make your vehicle a junk car, but extensive mechanical and engine damage does.  

3-The vehicle has been driven for too many miles.

Even the most expensive or new vehicles can run for so long. After 200K miles, most cars require serious maintenance. If your vehicle has been running for a long time, it definitely has been well used and is now a financial timebomb, which can result in expensive repairs at any time. These vehicles, before they reach complete breakdown, should be sold to receive the best prices.  

4-They need repairs, but they are not worth fixing.

Some cars don’t require an inspection from professional mechanics to know they have been used past their limits. And after a point, it doesn’t justify spending money on such vehicles, which continuously breaks down and doesn’t provide any benefits.

5-They are starting to rust.

Vehicles start to rust due to two reasons, either because of water damage or due to complete neglect. Either way, rust can negatively affect the value of a car. Junk cars are usually paid for by the amount of scrap metal on the vehicle. If the metal is rusted, you are less likely to receive a good amount for the car. 

6-They are falling apart.

Vehicles which are so damaged that parts are hanging off of it is definitely a junk car. Before they deteriorate any further, these vehicles should be sold to reliable cash for car service as soon as possible. These cars are not only taking up space in your backyard but are also a hazard for the family members. 

7-They are prone to mechanical failures.

End-of-live vehicles have a unique way of letting their owners know they are no longer the cars they once used to be. They may one week show signs of overheating, and next week they can suffer from engine failure. So, no matter how good your ride looks from the outside if it’s suffering from a continuous break down get it checked and if the repairs are more expensive than the car’s worth, sell it. 

8-You can no longer drive them legally.

By QLD law, all vehicles must have a roadworthy certificate for them to be deemed drivable. Otherwise, driving vehicles that don’t have this certificate is a crime. That is because a vehicle that is not fit to drive may pose a risk for the driver and the other surrounding vehicles. 

9-They are abandoned

Suppose you know a vehicle parked in your area for a long time, with no one coming to collect it. It can be deemed as an abandoned vehicle. These cars are illegal to park on public roads, but you can call car removal services and sell it to them if it’s parked within a neighbourhood. 

10-They are totalled

Totalled vehicles are the ones that are so damaged that they cannot be used for anything else except scrap metal. And the only solution for these scrap cars is to sell to a reliable car buyer and get cash in return. 

Trade-in your scrap car for cash in Brisbane

Above, we have identified what character constitutes a scrap vehicle. So if you have a car that matches the characteristics mentioned above, sell it to A1 Auto Recycling.

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