5 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Run + A Solution For Damaged Vehicles In Toowoomba

5 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Run + A Solution For Damaged Vehicles In Toowoomba

We as a society are highly dependant on our preferred mode of transportation. Most people use their cars to carry out hundreds of tasks, from picking their kids from school, delivering goods, visiting different locations, and more.

So when our trusted cars don’t run, it puts us in a stressful situation. Some people who are aware of the internal working of the vehicle may easily recognize the troubles. Still, for most of us who don’t know the vehicle’s functions in-depth, this guide will help you pinpoint why the car is not working and provide a solution regarding what to do with a non-running vehicle.

Let’s look at the most common reasons why your car won’t run.

What Are The Reasons Your Car Won’t Start?

Minor Reasons 

You are out of gas

Sometimes the reason for the car not starting can be as simple as having an empty fuel tank. While this can be inconvenient, it is one of the most easily fixable problems. Just catch a ride to a gas station and get a refill for your tank.

Even though sometimes letting your fuel level get low is not a cause of concern, but letting it empty in winter can pose a threat to your vehicle. In winters, the air in an empty gas tank can get moistened and freeze, which leads to clogged lines.

Your battery is dead.

If your turn your key and nothing happens, no lights, no sounds, nothing — then you have a dead battery on your hands. It is another common reason why the vehicle won’t start.

If you have a battery tester, then check your battery to see if it’s weak. But if you don’t have a tester, then try jumping your vehicles by using jumper cables.

Your fuel filter is clogged.

The primary function of the fuel filter is to keep all the dirt and debris out of the fuel lines. If the fuel filter is clogged and some dirt enters the fuel line, it can negatively affect the flow of fuel in the engine and prevent it from burning correctly.

To fix this issue, replace the fuel filter with a new one. You can find the frequency in which you should replace the filter in the owner’s manual. In most cars, owners should change the filter every 12,000 miles or one year.

Major Reasons

Your fuel pump is bad.  

If your vehicle’s fuel pump is damaged in any way, it won’t be able to pump the gas from the fuel tank into the engine. This will prevent the vehicle from starting and starve the engine of fuel which will cause the engine to be damaged, leading to expensive repairs.

Your alternator is busted.

The alternator is responsible for providing power to the spark plugs within the car. These sparkplugs help ignite the gasoline in the engine, which helps to run the vehicle. However, when the alternators fail to function at optimum capacity, they may not generate enough power in the sparkplugs. This will prevent the fuel from igniting, and the vehicle won’t start.

What To Do With A Non-Running Car?

There are many things you can do with your non-running vehicle, such as:

  1. Get it fixed, so you can continue using it
  2. Auction the car off
  3. Sell your car to a dealership
  4. Sell it privately via online websites
  5. Donate the car to a good cause
  6. Part-out the car by yourself
  7. Trade-in your vehicle for a new one
  8. Sell it to scrap yards

Why You Should Sell Your Car To Damaged Car Buyers

If you currently own a damaged car and are contemplating whether to sell it or not, let us provide you with four reasons why selling the non-running is the best option for you:

  1. Old cars tend to break down more frequently and can result in expensive repairs in the long run.
  2. Damaged cars have compromised safety features which makes driving less safe for the passengers.
  3. Getting rid of an old car will also be beneficial for the planet as most older versions of vehicles have faulty exhaust
  4. Selling your car to a reliable car buyer can help you earn cash!

How To Sell Your Non-Running Vehicle to Damaged Cars Purchasers

Selling your non-running, old, damaged, and wrecked vehicle used to be a challenging task. But now it’s easier than ever. Many reliable car buyers all over Toowoomba, such as A1AutoRecycling, allow you to sell your vehicles from the comfort of your homes.

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So, if you are looking for an easy and reliable way to get rid of your non-running vehicles, they are the right choice.


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