5 Ways To Make Cash With Your Car In 2021

5 Ways To Make Cash With Your Car In 2021

Are your vehicle expenses mounting up? If so, we have prepared a list of five things you can do to earn extra cash from your car to supplement your income. 

So, let’s begin.

Become a Driver

Using your car to drive people around is a no-nonsense way to make cash. As a ridesharing driver, your job will be to move people from point A to point B. Simple!

But this doesn’t mean anyone can do this. To be able to drive people around, you need to pass criminal background checks, have clear driving records, your vehicle should meet minimum age, quality standards and more.

But the best thing about this job is it offers you flexibility so you can even earn in your free time. A ridesharing driver’s hourly earnings vary depending on peak periods, but they earn $30 per hour or more on average. 

Rent Out Your Car

If you have a vehicle that you don’t use regularly, why not rent it out and earn passive income. You can make your vehicle available for short-term rentals to locals, friends, or travellers who don’t want to go with the traditional rental route.

Lending a car is a potentially lucrative move, especially when you have a second car at home or live in a place with excellent public transportation. But there is a downfall; renting out your vehicle means more miles will be added to your car. Hence, more wear and tear. 

But if you have a new vehicle, some more miles won’t affect the vehicle’s performance for a few more years. And by the time there is a need for repair, you would have earned enough to pay for it easily. 

Deliver Food

Being a food delivery driver is quite similar to being a ridesharing driver, just without human passengers. Nowadays, apps like Menulog, Deliveroo, and UberEats have made this job much more manageable. 

The minimum requirement for this job is to be over 21 years of age, have a valid driving license, registration, insurance, and over one year of driving experience. If you have all of these, you are ready to use your vehicle for delivering food and earn cash.

The cash payout varies with every app. So it’s preferable to sign up with multiple food delivery apps to receive a maximum number of orders. 

Help People Move

You don’t always need a full-sized truck or a large van to help people move. Sometimes all that is required is a large enough truck, back seat, someone willing to do physical labour. 

Many apps advertise odd jobs, and one of the most frequently requested ones is “delivering a large piece of furniture”. So if your vehicle is large enough to fit a couch or a bed frame, there will be plenty of people willing to purchase your service.

But if you are not comfortable helping strangers move, why not advertise your services on your social media page and ask friends and family if they require some help moving. This way, you will be working with people you trust, using your vehicle and earning cash for car in Brisbane.

Sell Your Car For Cash

If you feel your vehicle is past its price, and its cost is adding up, why not sell your car for cash. We understand selling a car is a hassle, but services like A1AutoRecycling has made this process extremely easy and quick. 

All you need to do is visit their website or call them to receive a quote for your car. Most car buyers pay differently depending on the condition and the type of the car. So, accurately describe your vehicle, and they will provide you with an accurate quote within minutes.

Call their customer service team and arrange an in-person car inspection if you choose to move forward with it. The car inspection does not take more than an hour, and once it’s done, A1AutoRecycling will make an offer for the car. 

When you accept the offer, they will hand over to you all the necessary paperwork for vehicle transfer, pay you cash for cars up to $8,999 and offer free car removal Brisbane.

So, these are five things you can do with your vehicle to earn some extra cash.


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