Have A Car With Blown Engine? We Have A Solution For You

Have A Car With Blown Engine? We Have A Solution For You

A Blown motor or engine is a broad term used by people to refer to various engine problems within a vehicle. Sometimes if the problem is small, it can be fixed, and the car can run as usual. But if the problem is severe, the engine rebuilding process can take weeks and cause you to spend a small fortune for the repairs. 

But there are steps you can take if you have a vehicle with a blown engine, but first, you need to figure out if the engine is actually damaged.

Make Sure Your Car Has A Blown Engine

If your vehicle has a blown engine, some signs can help you understand when your engine needs some repair. Most signs of engine damage are obvious way before any serious damage has occurred to the car. 

So lookout for the following tell-tale signs to detect a blown motor:

  1. Car is making strange popping and spitting noises 
  2. Check engine light is on
  3. Puddles of oil under the car
  4. Car emission smells noticeable from the inside
  5. Increased fuel consumption
  6. Reduced engine power
  7. Black smoke from the car exhaust
  8. Car is running inconsistently

As soon as any of the signs mentioned above are observed, take your vehicle to a licensed mechanic to have it checked. And because repairing an engine is such a huge undertaking, getting a second opinion can also benefit the car owner. 

What Causes A Motor To Blow

The two most common causes of a blown engine are overheating and oil leaks.


Many car owners ignore the earliest signs of engine damage that is overheating. Usually, this issue arises from causes such as a blown gasket or coolant leak.

However, if your vehicle is overheating more frequently than before, it can be a warning sign, and you should get it checked immediately. 


Oil leaks

Oil leaks are one of the most common causes of engine failure. As the oil leaks from the vehicle, it’s unable to coat the components within the engine. This increases the friction and causes the motor to heat up and destroy the components and cylinders within.

Can You Fix A Blown Engine? Is There Any Reason?

Before making any decisions regarding engine rebuilding, we need to figure out the vehicle’s resale value. For example, if you own an older vehicle with 250,000 miles and a resale value of around $2000, fixing the engine is a bad idea.

It costs around $4,000 to $6,000 to get a licensed mechanic to rebuild an engine. So unless your car is on the newer side, spending this much will not benefit the car owner. And even many mechanics would suggest you take a different approach when dealing with your unwanted car in Gold Coast.

Options For Selling A Car With A Blown Motor

  • Sell the car parts online

Even if the vehicle’s motor is of no use, many other parts of the car can be sold for cash. For example, car owners can sell parts such as doors, mirrors, rims, bumpers, stereo, exhaust systems, etc., via many reliable websites for a lot of cash.

  • Trade it

If the car has no faults except a busted engine, it can be easily traded to big car dealerships. These dealerships will take out all the working parts from the car to reuse, and you can get enough cash to pay for a new one.

  • Sell the vehicle to a junkyard

If you don’t want to take your car apart for parts or trade it, selling it to a junkyard is the next best option. If your vehicle is in good condition with working parts, you will earn more cash for it. 

But if the vehicle is not in running condition, you can also sell it as scrap. So even though you won’t get paid as much for a scrap vehicle as you would for good condition car, but it’s still better than getting paid nothing. 

The Best Way To Trade A Car With A Blown Engine?

If you are looking for an even easier way to get rid of your damaged car – then try selling it to A1AutoRecycling.

It’s well-recognized cash for car business that purchases various damaged cars for cash in Gold Coast. You can simply fill their online quote form and receive an offer for your car. After that, they will provide free car removal services and pick your vehicle right from your home.

The best part is they pay instant cash for cars. This way, you won’t have to wait for payments like the other methods mentioned above. 


A blown car engine is not a small problem. There are many causes for a busted engine, but there are also ways to prevent it. The best way is to get your vehicle regularly checked so that if there is any problem, it can be detected beforehand. 

But if the engine has been badly damaged, we have discussed ways to sell their vehicle and earn cash in return. 

Now you have all the information relating to what you can do if you have a car with a blown engine; so, use it wisely!

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