How Is My Cars Value Affected By Damaged Catalyst? Is There Any Way To Sell It

How Is My Cars Value Affected By Damaged Catalyst

Selling a car is a tricky business. Vehicle value depends on a plethora of factors, from the colour of the vehicle to missing parts, all affect its value. But what if your vehicle has a damaged catalytic converter? 

Read on to learn how a damaged catalytic converter can affect the vehicle’s value and how much it will sell in the Gold Coast market.  

What is a Catalytic Converter?

The catalytic converter is a vital exhaust component that breaks down toxic fumes and pollutants into less harmful gasses from the car’s exhaust. 

Usually, when an engine runs, it produces a variety of toxic gases, including: 

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Nitrogen gas
  • Hydrocarbons
  • And more

Catalytic converter protects the environment and humans from being exposed to these gasses.

How Does a Catalytic Converter Get Damaged?

There are many reasons why a catalytic converter can get damaged.

1-Bad spark plugs

If there is some fault in the spark plug, they can misfire some unburnt fuel into the car’s exhaust system. Because the catalytic converter gets quite hot, this fuel can ignite within the converter and melt it.

2-Oil or antifreeze entering the exhaust system

When oil enters the converter, it leaves behind a thick layer of soot. This soot clogs the air passages in the catalytic converter, rendering it useless. This prevents the catalytic converter from converting toxic fumes into less harmful fumes. And also, the clogged pores cause back pressure which can damage the internal engine. 

Is a Catalytic Converter Necessary?

The catalytic converter is not a vital car component, such as the engine, battery, or brakes. But still, it plays an important role in the functionality of the car. If a car has a damaged catalytic converter, its performance and efficiency can drastically decrease. 

A catalytic converter is responsible for receiving hot gasses from the engine. If the converter is not working at total capacity, these gases may remain inside the engine and end up damaging it. 

Along with that, many cities require you to operate the vehicle with a functioning catalytic converter. And if your car doesn’t pass the emission test, you can be charged for driving a car that harms the environment. 

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Catalytic Converter?

The cost of fixing the catalytic converter depends on the make and model of the vehicle. But on average, it costs around $900 to $2500 to replace a catalytic converter. 

But that’s not it, sometimes driving your car with a damaged converter can result in more damage than expected. You would have to replace other parts such as oxygen sensors, tailpipes, and mufflers in some cases. And this can result in higher repair costs. 

It’s always best to take your vehicle to a licensed professional to get an estimate of the repairs.

How Much is a Car with a Missing Catalytic Converter Worth?

If you own a vehicle with a damaged or missing catalytic converter, selling them to a private buyer will be a difficult task. Most people prefer purchasing a vehicle with all parts in working condition, so selling them a car with damaged or missing components will not get you the desired amount of cash for car Gold Coast

But there are other options you can opt for that will pay you cash, such as scrap car buyers or dealerships. But knowing the exact worth of the car will be difficult to measure until the vehicle is physically inspected by a professional. So take your vehicle to a local mechanic and ask them to value your vehicle. This way, you will receive a fair amount when selling your cat to any buyers in QLD. 

Selling A Car With A Damaged Catalytic Converter

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