How To Scrap Your Car For Top Cash In Sunshine Coast And Get Paid Quickly

How To Scrap Your Car For Top Cash In Sunshine Coast And Get Paid Quickly

Nowadays, there are many convenient options for selling your vehicles. Whether by private sales, dealerships or scrapping, selling car with Car Removal Sunshine Coast is now easier than ever. But receiving top cash for cars is another story. 

Most car buyers are skilled at negotiation and always pay the least amount for the car. Therefore to receive the most for your vehicle, you need to be aware of the actual value of your car; only this way you can haggle for a reasonable price. 

In this blog, we will discuss exactly how you can find your car’s value, the rates of scrap metal in the QLD market and what other easy way is there to sell your vehicle if you want to avoid all this hassle.

How Much Is A Scrap Car Worth?

According to the raw data from the QLD market, most smaller scrap vehicles can be sold for cash between $100 to $400, medium-sized cars and hatchbacks can be estimated at $200 to $3000. Larger vehicles, including busses, trucks, and other commercial vehicles, are sold for $1000 to $10,000 in Sunshine Coast. 

The prices assigned for scrap vehicles is highly dependant on the amount of scrap metal found in the car and the metal prices in the market. Car sellers can use the formulae below to learn how much your car is worth. 

Scrap car’s value = car’s weight /ton x Metal price /$

Cars weight

You can find the information regarding the weight of the car in the owner’s manual. In addition, some websites can even tell you the average weight of the car by entering the make and model of your vehicle. 

Metal prices

Steel, aluminium, copper all are found within your car in different concentrations. If the rates of these metals are high in Sunshine Coast, you will be paid higher for the car. Therefore, you can always find the metal rates online, or you can consult your local scrapyard regarding the prices. 

Scrap Car Prices Per Ton In 2021

After conducting thorough research, we have concluded the following prices for the year 2021:

chart table price cash for cars

But it should be noted that these prices a prone to change. Many factors affect the prices of scrap metal, including:

  • Time of the year

Time of the year, seasons, and weather affect the demand and the prices of scrap metals. That’s why to do thorough research before selling them.

  • Demand in the industry

The demand in the industry changes with the development of technology, automotive, or construction industries. Therefore, the greater the development, the increased the market’s need, hence higher the prices. 

  • Any major event

When a country went through the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries stopped their operations, which led to reduced demand for metal. At that time, the metal prices were low. Therefore such events can drastically affect metal prices.  

How To Sell Your Scrap Car For Cash In Sunshine Coast?

There are various ways to get rid of your scrap car in the Sunshine coast, but the most efficient and hassle-free way is to find a reliable scrap car buyer and sell it to them for top cash. 

One of the highest-rated and most trustworthy car buyers in the Sunshine Coast is A1AutoRecycling. They have been serving the QLD area for more than a decade and have vast experience and skilled staff to provide you quick Cash For Cars Sunshine Coast and instant cash up to $8,999. 

Just follow their simple process and sell your scrap vehicle within a day.

  • Fill the online quote provided to receive a free valuation
  • If the quoted value is to your liking, then call us and book an inspection
  • Our staff will inspect your vehicle and make an offer for the car
  • Once the offer is accepted, sign the paperwork and receive cash up to 8999 
  • With the business taken care of, we will tow away your vehicle for free.

So make the right choice for your vehicle and choose us and get the maximum amount of cash for your car in Brisbane.


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