Sell Your Damaged Car For Cash + Get FREE Towing In Brisbane

Sell Your Damaged Car For Cash + Get FREE Towing In Brisbane

No one likes getting their cars damaged, but sometimes, unfortunately, it can’t be helped. Whether it be because of some natural disaster such as hail, flood, fire, or an accident, damages from such incidents can result in expensive repairs. 

Therefore it’s important to know exactly what to do with your vehicle if such unfortunate events occur. You can take many routes to sell your vehicle for cash, but the one discussed below is the most fool-proof one and will get you the highest cash for car  Brisbane.

But first, you need to figure out if your vehicle needs replacement or repairs.

Replace Or Repair? 

Deciding on the severity of the vehicle damage is the first step to resolving this problem. Even though this is not an easy task, you have to consult with your insurance company regarding this matter in the initial stages. Your vehicles insurance company would officially declare if the car is totalled or needs repairs. 

For Repairable Cars

If the status of your car is repairable, you need to calculate how much it would cost to repair it. If the cost of fixing is less than 40% of its value, then you should proceed with the repairs. Most mechanical wear and tear can be done at a reasonable rate, but if significant damage costs more than 40%, it’s advisable to sell the vehicle and purchase a new one.

For Totalled Cars

Vehicles whose repair costs are more than their worth are known as totalled cars. If your insurance provider feels that your vehicle is totalled, they may purchase it from you. Don’t sell the vehicle to the insurance company instead, get it from them and sell it yourself to get better rates. 

The insurance company will give you the remaining insurance in the form of a cheque after subtracting the deductibles from the car’s value. And once you receive your salvage title, you are free to sell your unwanted vehicle in the market.

Who Buys Damaged Cars In Brisbane? 

Once you have decided to sell your damaged vehicle, now all that’s left is to find the right buyer for your unwanted car. There are three common places people usually sell their old cars to:

  1. Dealerships
  2. Private buyers
  3. Cash for scrap car services

The first two options are that both dealerships and private buyers purchase vehicles that are in a roadworthy condition. Unfortunately, accident damaged vehicles most of the time is in no condition to be driven. So these two options are out of the question.

The last option of selling it to a scrap car buyer is the best option and the most efficient. Even though most people believe car scrappers are just a dumping ground for old cars, these facilities are necessary for the economy and the environment. 

These car wreckers use old, unwanted, and damaged vehicles for scrap steel and car parts. The metal collected from the cars is sold to various industries, and the car parts after fixing, are sold to the general public. Because this business model is quite lucrative, they tend to pay their customers top cash for Scrap cars in Brisbane.

How To Sell Your Damaged Vehicles To A Scrap Car Buyer?

There are many scrap car buyers in the Brisbane area. So, if you are ready to sell your damaged vehicle, the very first thing to do is make a list of all the reliable car buyers in your area. Write down at least the top five buyers and then choose them if they offer the following services:

  • If they have a car wrecking license
  • They offer convenience during the car selling process
  • Pay top cash for your car
  • Provide complimentary car removal in Brisbane

To simplify the car selling process, we have surveyed to find the best cash for scrap car service in Brisbane, and according to our survey, A1AutoRecycling offers all of the above services and more. So, if you want to sell your car, they are the right choice.  

Fill in their valuation form and receive an accurate quote for your vehicle without even leaving your home. If you like the quoted value, call them and schedule a car inspection. After inspection, they will make an offer for your vehicle. Accept it, sign the paperwork and receive cash up to $9,999 and FREE towing service anywhere in QLD. 

To learn more about their services, call at 0477 003 385

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